Toll Free Numbers

Toll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers help ensure that your identity shines through in every interaction you have with your clients. Enhancing your professional appearance, toll free numbers are a great way to level the playing field with your largest competitors - even if you're just a company of one person.

By presenting a unified professional look and feel that people find credible, you can engender their loyalty. Toll free numbers are one way you can achieve this level of legitimacy for your business. Toll free numbers instantly provide your customers with an enticing, free way to contact you (which in turn makes it more likely they'll call), and you get a professional, big company image that says you're not only successful but that you're here to stay.

When first introduced in 1967, toll free numbers were used by companies to provide customers with a way to call them without charge. At the time, however, the high startup costs of installing toll free numbers placed the service out of reach for all but the highest volume users, such as very large firms or those who did extensive business in catalog sales.

Toll free numbers today may not be new to business, but in many ways toll free numbers have changed in that they are now affordable, convenient and available to businesses of all sizes. And RingCentral toll free numbers even now come standard with Internet fax and advanced call management features, which help reinforce business continuity and support cost savings across the board. With global reach, these toll free numbers can follow you wherever you go - home, office or on the road - and ensure that when customers call, they never get a busy signal.

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